Funding Application

Please submit your executive summary of NO MORE THAN FIVE PAGES (including attachments, appendices, and exhibits, which contain information on the subjects identified below. Material beyond the five-page limit will not be reviewed or considered. The list below is not intended to suggest any particular order of information; the entrepreneur should consider the arrangement best suited for describing his/her company.

Submission Content:

The Company

  • History, including accomplishments to date
  • Mission


  • Size and definition
  • Industry trends
  • Needs for product(s)/services
  • Customers
  • Sales/distribution plan
  • Necessary partnership and status


  • Experience of all senior management, including previous start-ups
  • Previous experience working together
  • Needs/key vacancies
  • Board of directors
  • Adviser


  • Description of product(s)/services
  • Ownership
  • Development stage
  • Timing of, and process to, commercialization
  • Unique attributes and opportunities


  • Comparative analysis, including key features and benefits
  • Competitive advantage/market differentiators
  • Barriers to entry for competitors and company


  • Founder’s investment
  • Fully-diluted capitalization table (including options, warrants, and debt)
  • Summary projected financials (one and three to five years)
  • Funding needs for this round and subsequent rounds
  • Use of funds
  • Exit strategy and timing
  • Business milestones for the next six months and next two years

    Submission Process:

    • All executive summaries received by the 10th of the month will be considered for presentation at the member investment meeting held in the same month. Any submissions after the 10th of the month will be held for the following month’s review and consideration. Companies must submit executive summaries directly to
    • All executive summaries are posted under a members-only section of the website and will remain posted for approximately 120 days.
    • The screening committee will consider all timely filed and completed submissions and will inform selected companies by the 20th of each month. Non-selected companies will be informed by the 20th of each month and will receive standardized feedback from the screening committee.
    • Selection criteria are based on a review of each executive summary against a screening matrix, a copy of which is available on the website.
    • Selected companies must agree to coaching in preparation for their presentation. The schedule for coaching sessions will be informed at the time of selection notification.
    • Materials for member investment meeting: Selected companies must give a presentation or equivalent presentation of no more than 15 minutes in length, followed by a five-to-seven-minute question and answer period. Copies of the presentation must be provided to members at the investment meeting and an electronic copy provided to the group for posting under the members-only section of the website. Companies may offer other materials at the member investment meeting. Space will be made available for a company display or demonstration immediately prior to, during, and after the investment meeting.
    • Neither investment solicitation nor comment will be made at the member investment meeting, and presenting companies are expected to bring with them information on the timing and location for a follow-on meeting with interested group members.
    • Any questions should be directed to the official email address of Mountain Angel Network