Entrepreneurs are a key and fundamental pillar of any society’s growth. They are risk bearers, uncomfortable with mediocrity, and constantly thriving to create new solutions to improve the community.

For an entrepreneur to build a business from an idea to a successful business, they must learn and master the skills of sales, persuasion, and negotiation and learn how to adapt to rejection, failures, and actual market realities. These things are not taught in schools around here, only at Pitch Friday. These critical skills enable entrepreneurs to rally all necessary tools and support to build their idea into a business.

At Pitch Friday, entrepreneurs pitch or sell their ideas or business to an audience of users and investors; they get blunt and honest feedback and direction on how to be better. They also benefit from mentorship, funding, and all the right tools to take their idea from a startup to a thriving business.

We need your sponsorship because we believe you can contribute to driving this movement and building a culture that creates businesses and employment.

As a Sponsor, you actively shape the future of a well-structured, thriving, and self-sustaining community that provides jobs and comfortable living conditions for its citizens. You also benefit from extra perks as specified in our sponsorship deck.